The Adumbration

The true mystery of the world is The Visible.


“Okay. So, we try harder now. One. Two. Three. GO.” Using up their entire strength, they banged open the unanswered door. It was completely dark. And, atrociously malodorous. “Search the apartment.” instructed Detective Elmer. “Alright”, whispered Sam. She peeked through the feebly opened kitchen and then opened it. It looked perfect.

Too perfect.

Next was the guest washroom. Nothing anomalous. “Bedroom.” Elmer nodded. They stood on either side of the door leading to the bedroom, trying to eavesdrop. The apartment was dead. Elmer opened the door, and the sight froze them. There she was. Calm, peaceful, still.

And the third victim.

“So, we were late. Yet again” stated Captain Rowland. “Yes, Sir.” said Detective Elmer. “And this was the third severed victim, Detective Samantha?” “Yes, Sir.” “Well then, I hope we are extremely clear about the extent of efficiency of the brightest minds of this department.” “Yes, Sir, I know that we couldn’t save yet another person, but”

“I shall not listen to any excuses, Detective Samantha. And you should not be speaking at this moment, considering your impermissible performance these seven months. You, too, are in no good position, Detective Elmer. Both of you have caught the critical Departmental observation. Beware.”

And, the Captain departed. “Damn.” exclaimed Sam. Elmer answered, “This is just not right. How can this happen? According to the killer’s last note, he was going to murder her exactly at 7 PM. What or who made him conduct it hours ago?” “It’s definitely a ‘who’. We have to read that note again.” said Sam.

                 Ding, ding, and ding, there comes the silver;

            Let the phone ring, you’ll be the giver;

            At first love of hate, shall I haunt?

            My dear silver, give me what I want.

“Okay. So, from this evidence, we concluded that the next victim is related to Ding Silverware, the store across the Panama Hills Estate. The criminal will be dressed as a delivery guy or something similar, so that when it calls, he or she gives it the address details and allows it in. ‘First love of hate’. Umm . . . so, L is the first letter of Love, and hate is its opposite, so it is 7. It will haunt or severe the target at 7.”

“On further investigations, we found out that Ms. Amelia Carlson would be celebrating her twenty-first birthday party at her home, in the evening. It’s obvious that she is . . . was the target.”

“Exactly. We cracked it. What went wrong?” asked Elmer. “Now, do we have the next clue?” “Yes, I found it. As usual. Pinned to the tongue.” said Sam.

She unfolded the haunted, tattered, and stained piece of paper, and laid it on the desk.

            Alas! I was bestowed, with your silver armor.

            Your senses, and your wits, will all be mine, you see;

            I’ll nibble you in bits, scars you cannot foresee.

            She who strokes the moonbeams;

            Shall meet the scariest of her dreams.

            Darkness cannot hide me, screams cannot reveal me;

            And in no time, you’ll know who you’ll be.


[To be continued]

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