Sweet Surrender

You came into my life when I was lost,

You held my hand, and walked with me.

All of my sorrows, and all of my worries,

You gave me a name, when I had none, eyes that let me see,

A sweet surrender, not knowing where you’ll be.

They say you’ve been to  places, and you’ve seen things,

You’d be as cold as the winter breeze, as warm as sunshining trees.

Hold me close to your chest, and you’ll hear me whispering,

The sweet nothings we bathed ourselves in, the poison in us to numb the pain,

A sweet surrender, having no one but us to blame.

You watch me under the light, and haunt me with your ghosts.

They say you’ve said goodbye, but I feel your breath caressing my hair

Every time you pass me by.

I find myself leaving you far, far away, only to find my way back to you and be your day,

Our palms joined together, like the last pieces of a puzzle,

You made me believe that we were the complete picture, that we were all we needed,

A sweet surrender, you make me fall for it,

All over again.

And I would.


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